What is content curation?

Content curation drives innovation

Curation, in the web 2.0, the digital world, represent the art of finding, editing and sharing quality content on specific topics. By doing content curation, you go beyond corporate intelligence, as you share the best content with your coworkers.

Content curation puts human at the center of the system

A Curator finds, gathers, organizes and shares content that he considers most relevant on specific themes. We know that corworkers within an organization make corporate intelligence on their areas of expertise. And we are convinced that your teams are more relevant than algorithms in order to find the best content on topics that they are passionate about; their capacity of filtering and selecting content is a great value for your organization. Human needs to be the central point of the content curation and sharing system within the organization.

Content curation, a solution for infobesity, infoxication/information overload

Inside your company, you share content with your coworkers at every moment. This additional mass of information requires huge processing time for your collaborators, and leads to stress, loss of information and productivity. Content curation helps them to quickly access to the most relevant content, making them more focus, more innovative, more productive.

Why you should use content curation inside you organization?

Inspire your collaborators and give them the opportunity to shine in your company. Put your collaborators on the same page by giving them access to all the information, without censorship. Finally, improve internal communication by unblocking your mailboxes and simplifying access to information at all times.
Your company will become more open, engaging and innovative.