Frequently asked questions

Do you need a little help? Welcome on elCurator's support center.

How to contact us?

We aim to provide the best customer service. For all inquiries (help, technical support, commercial questions, legal questions) use one of the following:

Are there tools to ease content saving?

In order to share a content, you can:

Save web contents

What kind of content can I save?

You can save any link you want on elCurator: articles, PDF, videos, blogs, tweets and so on.

Is there a limitation of content saved?

You can save as many contents as you want.

What is the benefit of saving content?

Saving allows you to keep interesting contents you find on the web and don't have time to read, or don't want to lose. Eventually, you can share them to your coworkers in one place.

Saved contents are cleaned and shown in an ergonomic way on the web and your smartphone. Moreover, we estimate the reading time of the content, helping you to choose which one to consult!

I've saved content on another tool, can I transfer them on elCurator?

We provide import feature for these tools:

  • Pocket
  • Instapaper
  • Diigo

You can learn more about imports on this page.

If you want to import content from another tool, don't hesitate to contact us, we may find a solution for you! You can also use our Zapier app and connect your elCurator account with a lot of products.

File saving

What kind of files can I save?

PDF, images and other work files (PowerPoint, Videos, Word, etc.) can be saved from your computer on elCurator (limited to 1Go per file). This way, you can share the files you want to your coworkers, or remind you to consult them later.

Where are they saved?

Your files are saved in Europe on one of our partner Data Center.

Can I delete a file?

Yes. When you delete a file content on elCurator, the file is deleted on our partner server.

Is my space unlimited?

No, crews and freemium accounts are limited to 200 Mo. You can have a look on our pricing plans if you need more information.

Sharing contents to a crew

What happens when I share a content?

When you share a content, it will be available to your crew (your coworkers, your team, your friends…) or to the public, depending on whom you share it with. You can add a collection and tags to it, and explain why you want to share it.

Your coworkers will be notified of your publication and they will be able to read it and like it, so that you know they enjoyed it. The five most liked contents will be sent in the weekly newsletter.

Can I edit a shared content?

The sharing's author can click on "Edit" when viewing the content in order to provide modifications to it. The title, description, tags, collection and visibility fields are all editables.

If you administrate the sharing's crew, you can edit it. If so, the sharing's author will receive an email to be informed of the modification.

If you are neither the sharing's author nor administrator, you can't edit it.

How to delete a shared content?

Any user can delete one of his contents by clicking on "Edit" when viewing it, then clicking on "Remove content".

Only the sharing's author and crew administrator have the ability to delete it.

Should I choose "Extract page's content" or "Display a screenshot"?

We always try to extract the page's text when you share a content. We want to give you the best reading interface, a powerful search with keywords among all the text and an estimation of the reading time.

However, you may sometime want to share graphic contents (landing pages, beautiful designs, ...). If so, just click on "Display a screenshot" and we'll do the work for you!

Likes and Comments

Why should I like a content?

A Like is a big help for other users. The sharing's author will know how relevant his content is. The more Likes a content gets, the more likely the users will be to consult it.

Moreover, the five best contents are sent by email to all your collaborators once a week (newsletter).

I've commented a content: how other users will know it?

Every person who interacted with a content will be notified (by email and notifications on smartphone): the sharing's author, the other commentators and those who have liked it. They will be looking forward to answering you.

Browsing a Crew

What is a crew?

A crew is a private and secure collaborative workspace. Only invited members can access to the crew. Only crew's administrators can invite new members to it.

The contents shared to a crew are only visible by your coworkers, provided they are invited and signed in.

Can I belong to more than one crew?

Yes, you can belong to as many crews as you want. You are also able to create your own crew.

Tags and Collections

What is a collection?

Collections are created by your crew's administrators. They allow you to filter content among it.

When you share a content in your crew, you have to choose one collection. It will allow your coworkers to display content of the collection they want, related to their favorite subjects.

What are the tags for?

Tags are keywords depending on a content. Every sharing's author can add tags on their contents, for sorting purpose, yet they are not mandatory. Some tags are automatically suggested as soon as you start typing, inspired by those previously added in your crew. They are highly used by our search algorithm to improve its accuracy.

Data and Privacy Policies

Who owes my data?

Data you share on elCurator belongs to you. We don't sell them, and you can ask for a copy after leaving our service.

You can find more details in our Privacy Policies.

How to export my data?

You can find in your settings our Export feature, to get content you saved on elCurator.

To use it, just click on "Prepare my export": you will receive an email once available.

Who can see my profile and my shared contents?

Your profile and your contents are only visible by your crew members.

Administrating a crew

How to become a crew's administrator?

The first administrator of a crew is its creator. You can be granted administrator rights by another administrator.

Crew's administrators can manage its members and collections.

How can I create a crew?

Everyone can create a crew. Just go on "All crews" page, click on "Create a crew" square (or click here), select a plan, and give it a name. We will give you hints to get started with your crew. You will have to create its collections, invite coworkers, and share your first content in it.

I want to remove a coworker from my crew: what happens to his shared contents?

Crew's administrators can remove from their crew a coworker by clicking on the icon in the members administration page.

By doing so, shared contents, likes and comments of the removed member will remain available to the crew. The removed member will not have access to content, likes and comments of the crew any more.

How to manage collections?

Collections are the key to organize content in your crew.

In the administration interface, you can click on the "Collection" tab (or click here). You can add collections, edit and delete them. However, you can only delete collections that are not assigned to any content. Therefore, you have to transfer all contents from collection A to collection B before deleting collection A. (You can easily do so from the administration page.)

How can I get statistics on my crew?

You can find your crew's statistics by clicking on the "Statistics" tab of the administration section (or by clicking here). We can activate trends analysis for your crew (favorites subjects of your coworkers, trending topics, etc.), which is sort of your company's Google Trends. If you are interested to try, don't hesitate to send us an email!

How is designed the weekly newsletter?

The weekly newsletter is automatically sent to your crew members every monday, provided at least five contents have been shared during the last week.

Contents are chosen depending on several indicators, such as likes, reading count and comments.

User Profile

How can I add a profile picture?

You can choose your profile picture from your computer and upload it on your profile page.

To do so, click on "Edit profile" then on "Choose a file" below "Profile image".

If you log in with Google or Yammer, we automatically pick your profile picture and set it for you.

Why should I set a description?

The description allows you to tell your coworkers what you love, what's your job title and what are your skills.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile can be seen by everyone in your crews. Any member of one of your crews can access the contents you have shared to crews you both belong to.